Motion planning
One of the major aspects concerning industrial automation of complex machines is the design of motion. Crosstech S.r.l. usually approaches this activity by realizing a dynamic model of the interesting part of the machine complete of any other part the machine interacts with. The motion design usually requires an iteractive procedure in which predefined motion law parameters are set in order to optimize some criteria: from reducing the mechanical vibration to optimizing the whole system dynamics (mechanical components, transmissions, actuators and so on).

Web apps
Crosstech S.r.l. is capable to provide full web based applications. At the present most of our experience about this topic deals with the implementation of web tools and interfaces for the automatic selection of products by simulating customer applications. An example of this is here reported in the figure at the left which shows a web site developed to allow registered users not only to select and simulate standard production components by specifying custom conditions (i.e. loads, motion sequences and production cycle timing) but also to design their own specific component (i.e. a globoidal cam) and to directly place an order to the manufacturer.
Custom apps
Crosstech S.r.l. has experience in developing custom engineering applications including 2D or 3D graphics, database data storage and recovery, kinematics and dynamics simulation of multibody systems, Windows®, Macintosh® end Linux® software development, embedded control algorithm and much more.

Scada systems
In more than 10 years of experience Crosstech S.r.l. has developed a proprietary smart SCADA system. It is basically a graphical environment in which most of the final plant logic can be automatically created by dragging and dropping simple pre-built components, reducing this way time to market and programming mistakes. The system also comprises: graphical interface for storing and plotting variable trends, automatic management of alarms, comunication with PLC and hardware of the main brands (i.e. valves, inverters, motors, sensors, transducers etc...) and remote access and control as well as remote monitoring from mobile devices.

Product testing systems
Crosstech S.r.l. experience is also based on facing specific applications side-by-side with our costumers. Some of our most interesting applications have been developed in order to test different products at the end of the production line. At this purpose specific mechatronic systems can be realized which integrate: a mechanical structure for the product housing or manipulation, electronic devices and transducers for testing product requirements and specific software applications and algorithms (data collection and processing, product marking, data storing and recovery, production reporting tools).

Crosstech S.r.l. can provide support on data collection of human body motion, 2D or 3D models of human body and limbs, computation of articular rotations and loads for prosthesis analysis and design, musculoskeletal models ( and analysis of medical images.